Ala Kart 1929 Ford Roadster Pickup

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.This roadster had everything from the entire chrome chassis, to the beautiful upholstery and padded top, to spectacular pearlescent paint, beautiful scallops designed and painted by Dean Jeffries, who also applied the pinstriped outlines around the two tone scallops. An early hemi engine was also decked out and fully chromed.
The body was a combination of a 1929 Ford roadster with the rear section from a 1927 Ford T roadster. The rear bed was completely an informed and featured gold trim that George Barris found at the local hardware store.
The most outstanding feature was the front grill and combination dual headlamps. The hood was free beast unit made from aluminum. The rest of the bodywork was done and 20gauge steel.
The body was painted with white pearlescent lacquer with magenta and good old scallops. The scallops and pinstriping were done by a young Dean Jeffries.
The chrome plated engine was an early model Dodge red RAM hemi V-8. It's the engine featured an Isky cam, a Joe Hunt magneto, Jahn's racing Pistons connected to Anson connecting rods. The chassis featured air suspension combined with four chrome coil springs. A Lincoln Zephyr provided the transmission. A Lincoln Continental provided the steering wheel, and the dashboard was fitted with Stuart Warner gauges.
The top was constructed of steel and upholstered complete with racing stripes. The interior had some cool wraparound seats and they were done also in white pearl Naugahyde, accented with black velvet and chrome beading. The carpets were actually fur that was dyed black. The upholstery was the work of Roy Gilbert.
The underside of the body from front to back was a upholstered to match the interior.
More bodywork involved bobbing the fenders, shaping vees into the leading edge of offenders, and painting the underside to match the body complete with magenta and gold scallops.
The chassis was billed by Richard P_eters and Blackie Gejeian in a shed at Richard Peterson's family farm.
The roadster was offered as a model by AMT model car company. It was one of the first and by all means one of the most popular model kits ever produced.
The car suffered damage in a fire when was parked outside on a frosty morning and when it was started a plastic gas line cracked and fueled a fire. It suffered extensive damage to the front end was rebuilt by the Alexander Brothers in Detroit and Garris back in California.
Eventually it was sold and went into obscurity and disappeared for many years. It was found and restored by Rory Brizio and currently resides in the Hot Rod Museum.
Without a doubt one of the most iconic hot rods ever built.
The fabulous Ala Kart.

Bob Nugent