hot rod hall of fame El Matador


The El Matador 1940 Ford coupe built by Bill Cushenbery

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This is fabulous El Matador,

Hot Rod shows began in the late 40s and early 50s and by the time we got to the 60s you had to build something pretty wild to stand out in the car show crowd. One of the wilder show cars built in the 60s was the fabulous El Matador 1940 Ford Coupe built by Bill Cushenbery. Build this had worked for Darryl Starbird in the Midwest and had moved to California to start his own business. He needed a showpiece to advertise what he could do. A good friend named Don Varner who was a very talented artist and would design several cars over the years for Bill, sketched out his design for the 40 coupe.


Bob Nugent