hot rod hall of fame Dick FLint Roadster



The Dick Flint 1929 Ford Roadster

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Of the many cars that came out of the valley custom shop, the one that is probably most recognized in 1929 Ford roadster that was originally built by Dick Flynt.
This bright red roadster is reportedly the car used for the famous National Hot Rod Association logo.
Over the years this car has appeared in magazines and was the subject of the famous front cover may 1952 issue of Hot Rod Magazine. That cover, with one of Dick Flynn's friends jumping out of the car to say hello to a cute bobbysoxer, struck a chord with hot rodders everywhere. It is said to have been the first Hot Rod Magazine to sell over half 1 million copies. This was a statement made by Robert E. Petersen, Hot Rod magazines founder.
That issue there was a full article featuring new roadster with many photos, and a full two-page rendering of a Rex Burnett cutaway drawing. Valley custom pulled out all the stops to make this the perfect hot Rod. The looks, the stance, and the workmanship were flawless.

Bob Nugent