2011 Shelby GT500 Road Test
The North Georgia Mountains | February 2011
Gainesville, Georgia
Pictures and text by Bob Nugent
A Hot Rods Online Photo Expose
Brasstown Bald Mountain in Northern Georgia

There is no place better to test a Shelby than the Georgia Mountains. This is the start of the Appalachian Mountains. This location is called Brasstown Bald and is the highest mountain in Georgia. The weather had turned out beautiful and there were just small traces of snow. For this ride I had my wife with me and the car was just as enjoyable as any new car. It had all the comforts of air conditioning , and a wild stereo system that had as many horses as the 550 horses under the hood. As we traveled up and over the mountains we just enjoyed the car, the mountains, and the day.

On one stretch, I came up on a pickup that was traveling the speed limit and I couldn't help myself, when the yellow line disappeared, I punched it. The power absolutely pinned us back in the seats and I decided I would let her feel what it would do.The car just took off like an Arabian stallion that had just had the reins loosened. To pass an old truck I had topped 100 mph and pulled back into line. I waited for her to complain, but she said, ''Wow, that was smooth.''

That is what is so cool about this car is that it can change from a sweet little Mustang into a snarling, bad ass, ground shaking, screamer that no car around can equal.

I enjoyed every minute that I had this car.

Brasstown Bald Mountain in Northern Georgia

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