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Lots of new rod runs listed below.

Check out our new flame masking kits over at the barn.


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Obrien truckers with custom car plaques, parts for hot rods race cars, and race cars.


We are now beginning production of the fabulous 1936 Boattail shown here. It is the only 1936 Speedster on the market. .

We also have the 1936 Phaeton molds that produced this car. The only 1936 Ford Phaeton on the market.

And the most popular model of the 36 offering is the fabulous 36 roadster.

We also have the 1936 Cabriolet and the Club Cabriolet. Your choice of rumble seat or trunk in the Cabriolet.

All of these bodies will be hand laid fiberglass on a structural steel framework.

Give me a call at 770_533_1099

Ask about our great introductory pricing and production dates, or any question you may have.

You will never get a better price than right now as we start production.

The first run will be three boattails and two roadsters.

R.I.P. Tom Medley, Creator of "Stroker McGurk"



Check out the boxes above to guide you, and scroll down for event coverage.

Virtual Rod run page is the source of thousands of rod runs and hot rod events from 1994 to the present. Latest selections have the blinking red light. Thanks to the contributors for the updates.

We are getting ready to start production on our 1936 open car fiberglass bodies. We will be offering a Roadster, Cabriolet, Club Cabriolet, Phaeton and the new 1936 Ford Boattail Roadster. Check it out down on the right.

Stay tuned !

Stroker McGurk has a tear in his eye today, Rod and Custom Magazine shut down for good.

Hot Rods at the Gilmore Museum Many thanks to Dennis Lesky for putting together a display of iconic Hot Rods of the Detroit and Michigan area. Located at the fabulous Gilmore Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan.

The Great Eight these are the contenders contending for the prestigious 50 year old Ridler Award at the Detroit Autorama.

The Suede Palace As part of the gr

and national roadster show is the suede palace and it array of tradtional and different hot rods.

2014 Grand National Roadster Show One of the oldest and most prestigious shows in America, the GRNS is a must for everyone at least once.

2013 Pendine hot rods on the Beach Vintage and Classic Vehicles were featured at this this historic racing event; The nearby Museum of Speed, in Pendine was a bonus..

The speed trials at the El Mirage dry lake beds. Great coverage by Doug Hayes who survived the heat and the dust to bring these excellent photos to you.

The Santa Run This is an annual car show to raise money for the needy at CHristmas time. The event is held in Oakwood, Georgia. and featured some very nice local cars.

Gene Winfield gathering in the desert This is the annual gathering in the desert by Gene Winfield that remembers Larry Watson who used to share the billing before he passed. Many of the old timers in the hobby attend this meet.

Goodguys Hot Rod of the Year Kirk Jones and the Goodguys provide photo coverage of the Hot Rods competing for the Hot Rod of the Year award. The award was won by George Poteet.

2013 Bonneville Speed Week A fellow hotrodder from down under has contributed some great photos of the Bonneville Speed Week and the resident hot rod show at the local casino at night. The casino in nearby Wendover is a real car show with real hot rods and Bonneville racers relaxing after a hot and hard day on the salt. Bench racing at an extreme, but the knowledge gathered there is incredible. Timed speed trials on the salt is a tradition since the early 1950's and continues as the place to be in August. Don't miss it!

NSRA Nationals in Louisville Great photo coverage of the annual Louisville nationals and the hall full of vendors that is a trademark of this show. Thanks to Rich Linder for the photo coverage.s.

2013 Goodguys Northwest Nationals Photo coverage by Boones on the HAMB traditional hot rod forum.

Thanks to the Ford Motor Co, I had a Shelby GT 500 Mustang to drive for a week and the blog is now posted. I compared the new Shelby to the original GT 500 I drove over 40 years ago. Dang I am getting old. This is Bucket Tour #3.

Mustang Drivers: Support AmericanMuscle.com, a great source of Mustang parts and accessories, as well as information, tips, and guides. If your Hot Rod is a Pony, you'll want to check these guys out.

4th Annual Kings by the Bay Car Show Thanks to 49RatFink on the HAMB forum for the photos.

Santa Maria 2013 Thanks to Brian Rusk for the excellent photos. Great show for kustoms and Brian's photos are a good example of his work, he does magic.

Goodguys Del Mar Nationals Thanks to Ken HArt for the photo coverage of this hot rod and custom car show in Del Mar, California. Really great photos and the cars are spectacular.

Hotrod Magazines Cover Cars from the homecoming These are the icons that graced the cover of Hot Rod Magazine over the years. These were the rods that stirred kids souls and provided the stuff that dreams were made of. To have the cars gathered for this show is an event that will never happen again.

Hotrod Magazine 65th Anniversary Homecoming show. We have three people to thank for the photo coverage of this show. Chuck Glass, Jimmy Chavez, and Craig Wise were glad to share their photos of this show. This was one show that I was very sorry that I missed. This was my era and the cars that were displayed were true icons from the traditional era of hotrodding. Hot Rod Magazine was the bible of the hobby and these were the cars that made it famous.

Turkey Rod Run Spring 2013 Thanks to Scott for the coverage of the Turkey Rod Run Spring edition at the Daytona International Speedway. This show doesn't get as much coverage in the hot rod news, but it is a great show and one that we always did good at with our vendor tent. Be prepared to walk and have sore feet, because this is a big show filled with hotrods, customs. rat rods, and a large car corral. Thanks again Scott.

Portland Roadster Show Portland Roadster show is home to the hot rod hall of fame and is an icon on the west coast. Thanks to Ken Hart for the photo coverage

Sacramento Autorama Another oldie but goodie is the Sacmento Autorama. A showcase for the west coast hot rod and custom movement. Inside and out, the place was lined with cool cars, roadsters, and coupes.
Sacramento Suede Pavillion A show of traditional hot rods and customs similiar to the Detroit Autorama basement.
The 2013 Detroit Autorama One of the oldest car shows in the country, the Autorama is home to the Great eight , the cream of the crop competing for the Ridler Award, and showcasing the nations top builders.
Autorama Extreme hot rod extreme is a term used for the display in the basement of the Detroit Autorama. Traditional or old school it's in the basement.
Carl Casper's 50th anniversary car show One of the oldest shows in the country, this show is always a goodshow for the folks in the midwest. Some old, some new, the place was filled with cool cars. Thanks to Dougg01 from the HAMB forum for the photo coverage.
Motorama in Harrisburg, PA ''Big Al'' Liebmann has sent over 150 photos from the Motorama show in Harrisburg, PA. Featuring the recreated hot rod 1934 Ford roadster built by the Alexander Bros, for Don Varga of Detroit back in the sixties.
Grand National Roadster Show in five albums submitted by Vegas Lug Nut.

Grand National Roadster Show Outside

Grand National Roadster Show Woodies

Grand National Roadster Show Motorcycles

Grand National Roadster Show Gassers

Check out the new flame masking kits at Hot Rod Parts Barn

Lineville, Alabama Thanks to a contributor in Alabama for this coverage of a new show in Birmingham, Alabama.
Turkey Rod Run Thanks to Bill Skirvin for the photo coverage of the 2012 Turket Rod Run in it's 39th year. The show is the hard work of the Daytona Street Rods and is held at the Daytona International Speedway infield.
Moonshine Festival in Dawsonville, GA Dawsonville, GA is the original home of Bill Elliott, the moonshiners heritage that became NASCAR, and the infamous Dawsonville pool hall. The town is packed with old stock cars and drivers from the greatest era of stock cars. Don't miss this show.
The great Andy ''Rodfather'' Brizio Rod Run across America. We ride along with Kirk Jones and the Goodguys organization as they travel with hundred of hot rodders as they visit some of the most interesting places in the USA. Over 7 albums of photos in the 2012 Virtual Rod Run section. From ''Speedy Bill's'' museum to a Texas junkyard full of vintage tin, it is all there.
George Poteets annual BBQ Bash Thanks to Richard Ramsey For the photos from the George Poteet BBQ. It was a very cool event. In addition to the car collection and the BBQ, the crew that made the Speed Demon 439mph record possible were there (Ron Main, Kenny Duttweiler and others). This is now on my bucket list if I can get an invite.
Thanks to the Ford Motor Co, I had a Shelby GT 500 Mustang to drive for a week and the blog is now posted. I compared the new Shelby to the original GT 500 I drove over 40 years ago. Dang I am getting old. This is Bucket Tour #3.
Mustang Drivers: Support AmericanMuscle.com, a great source of Mustang parts and accessories, as well as information, tips, and guides. If your Hot Rod is a Pony, you'll want to check these guys out.
Swindlers Poker Run Thanks to RabidWabbit For the photos from the Swindlers Poker Run from Leavenworth WA, to Monroe, WA. for traditional rods and customs.

The famous BUCKET TOUR_1 where we circled the nation. Take a ride along with us in a 50 foot car trailer, knocking over street signs, and jumping curbs, from coast to coast. We take the Ridler award winning 1932 B400 sedan to street rod meets literally across the nation. We are going back this year, this time to Pebble Beach.
This tour takes us to famous Pebble Beach Concours of 2010 BUCKET TOUR_2 where we took Frank Morawski's 1927 T roadster to be featured with 9 old time Bonneville Racers. This was the Spade-Carrillo roadster that went 178 MPH in 1951 and was featured on the cover of Hotrod magazine. Beautifully restored, the little yellow roadster was a star once again.
2012 Billetproof Thanks to ''Kustombuick'' on the HAMB forum for the coverage, back to the roots of Drag Racing! Heads up style, run what you brung. You dont need a top fuel rail to compete, bring your stock flathead 4 banger and have a ball.
Western Washington Flathead Thanks to Chris Swenson for coverage of the Washington State E vs W flathead reliability run. A great day full of fun and some great flathead cars.
Local College rod run in Cleveland, Ga. An annual small show at Truett-McConnell College in Cleveland, GA. Small show, but the quality of the cars is fantastic.
Rodders Journal Revival The Rodders Journal is well known for the quality of their magazine, and now they have produced their first cruise in show on the chesapeake Bay in Baltimore Maryland. From all reports, it was an overwhelming success.
Shades of the Past Thanks to Gator on the HAMB forum for the photo coverage. For lovers of classic cars, hot rods, customs, street rods and anything automotive, this is definitely a rod run you don’t want to miss.
The 2012 Shades of the Past took place on September 7-8 (Friday and Saturday) at Dollywood’s Splash Country in Pigeon Forge, TN. During the show (and the days before & after) the parkway will turn into a parade of rods, customs, and classic cars with people sitting in lawn chairs all down the strip. You could literally walk from one end of Pigeon Forge to the other faster than you could drive through all of the traffic.

Frog Follies Thanks to Joe and Julie Bandor for the coverage. Since 1975, each August the E'ville Iron Street Rod Club has put on a rod run for street rod owners. It is held at the Vanderburgh County 4-H Center in Evansville Indiana. At the first event we had 44 registered street rods. Since that time the Frog Follies has grown to average over 4000 street rods each year. The event became known as the Frog Follies after the club had a bull frog race at the first event. We've had entries from Alaska, Australia, Canada, and all 48 continental states over the years. Since 2010 we can boast that the Frog Follies "is THE largest PRE 49 Street Rod event anywhere in the world!"
Lead East 2012 Thanks to Allen Witman for the photos. Welcome to LEAD EAST 2012, an Oldies Music and Old Car Weekend unlike any event held anywhere. This is the 30th year for this cherished event. LEAD EAST is a giant 50's PARTY, offering more unique events than 15 normal car shows added together. It is a conglomeration of dozens of groups of people who come together every year, set up their pop-up tents and BBQs next to one another and kick back to wallow in the good vibrations that permeate the area for this magic, nostalgic weekend.
The H.A.M.B. Drags! Thanks to Nick Hoesing, Malcolmm on the HAMB. It started in the 1950's when just enough of a corn field was cleared in Asbury, Missouri for a strip of concrete, a timing booth, and some parking. As the track grew through the decades, little actually changed. Today, MoKan Dragway is almost a spitting image of the track that was built in the golden era.
It's this very track where they make history every year. Early style dragsters, gassers, rails, bikes, and stock cars, hot rods, sports cars, roadsters, coupes, all roar down the quarter mile in a setting that hasn't been duplicated since the late 50's. These traditional hot rods and race cars along with the passionate people that build and maintain them join forces to create the event they call the H.A.M.B. Drags!

Bonneville Speed Week In the Virtual Rod Run section we have 3 full folders of the 2012 Bonneville spped week. Contributor Doug Hayes has provided some spectacular coverage. Southern California Timing Association has taken over the salt flats for speed week since the thirties.
2012 Viva Las Vegas Viva is a cool show that pulls oput all the stops and has many cool cars and beautiful ladies. Lots of sun and parasols.
The Lonestar Roundup From deep in the heart of Texas, comes the coverage of the fast growing Lonstar Roundup. Thanks to Cory Taulbert for the photos and story. This is really turning out to br a great show with a traditional theme.
2012 Boston World of wheels Mark Lewis sends the photo coverage of the Boston World of Wheels. Lots of cool stuff this year including the Dean Jefferies Manta Ray from the sixties.
Two more great shows from both sides of the fence. The Billetproof 2012 and the Amelia Island Concourse 2012. A little bit of something for everyone.
Six new articles about the 4th bucket tour of yours truly to the frozen north to the 60th Detroit Autorama. I went to the Henry Ford Museum, the Chrysler Museum, The Automotive Hall of Fame, The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum, The National Auto and Truck Museum, and The Kruse Automobile and Carriage Museum, the last three in Auburn, Indiana.
Several new 2012 rod runs and car shows from Cincinatti to Sweden and some great new stuff in the articles section. Also the latest from the Grand National Roadster Show.
19TH HEARTLAND NATIONALS Thanks to Kirk Jones and the Goodguys organization Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moines, IA. A great shoiw in the middle of the country.
FUNNY CAR REUNION / CAR SHOW in Englishtown, Nj .. A typical scorcher temps in the 90's with a track temp 110. A great showing of Hot Rods, NETO cars, Gassers and Funny Cars making it a great day. Thanks again to ''Big Al'' Liebman
GEEZERS @ THE GROVE. Everything from a Car Show to Fuel Altereds & Nostalgia Nitro Funny Cars. Awesome time and great weather even found a few Hambers making the trip to Reading, PA show. Thanks to ''Big Al'' Liebman
The Antique Natl's is the original nostagia drag race. Doug Hayes sent us the pictures of the festivities at Auto Club Raceway Fonatana,CA.

El Mirage Out on the dry lake beds of California, hotrodders gather to run for speed and beat each other in the elapsed times. They have been doing this for 70 years or more and it is still a ball. Bring your sunscreen.
Boston World of Wheels Thanks to Big Al Liebman for the coverage of the 2010 Boston World of Wheels.
The Little Book Covers In the early years section of the Virtual Rod Run folder is a group of little book covers that have been scanned by Doug Hayes. It is a great collection and brings back many memories.
The Great Eight The cream of the crop of showcars that enter the Detroit Autorama every year. These are the cars chosen to compete for the prestigious Ridler Award.
Bangshift at the Autorama Thanks to Chad Reynolds at Bangshift.com for allowing us to use 25 photos that he took at the 2010 Autorama. Check out Bangshift for more coverage.
Photos from the 2010 Autorama at night Many say that the Detroit Autorama is the biggest and most prestigiuos indoor car show in the country. Since thebeginning, the Michigan Hot Rod Association has been there throughout the night to guard and provide security. Here is their view when the lights are low and the place is empty.
New coverage from the 2010 Sacramento Autorama For over 50 years, the west coast show of the season has been the Sacramento Autorama and this year it was greater than ever. Thanks to Brian Rusk for the coverage.
New coverage from the Grand National Roadster Show with great photos. Thanks for great photos by "Big Al Liebman" for this article plus the one below
If you want tradition, the Suede Palaceis the place for you at the Grand National Roadster Show. A building set aside for the coolest of the old style stuff.
The famous BUCKET TOUR where we circled the nation. Take a ride along with us in a 50 foot car trailer, knocking over street signs, and jumping curbs, from coast to coast. We take the Ridler award winning 1932 B400 sedan to street rod meets literally across the nation.
2009 Turkey Rod Run From the infield of the Daytona International Speedway , the Daytona Street Rods presented the annual Thanksgiving weekend show. This is a must see for the cars and especially for the swap meet.
2009 El Mirage Speed trials Fall meet More photos from Doug Hayes of the trials at the dry lake beds of El Mirage in California.
2009 Moonshine Festival My annual trip to the Moonshine Festival in Dawsonville, GA. The beginning of stock car racing was here in the Georgia Mts. and this is a great collection of 40 Fords and other beauties. Pictures by Bob Nugent.

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henry ford model auto museum with ford hotrods and old race cars. barney oldfield, summers brothers golden rod,

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